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"My computer was infected with viruses that continued to slow down my computer and cause it to keep crashing. I called ComDigiter to clean my computer and your technician was able to clean the viruses and told me where the source of my virus was coming from. My computer ran smoothly after that.

I later decided to upgrade my computer and reached out to ComDigiter again for advice. Dana talked with me to help determine my needs and recommended I purchase a new computer as it was cheaper than trying to upgrade my existing computer to meet my needs. After I bought the computer, Dana came out, set it up, and migrated all my data from my old computer to my new one. He even helped me setup my network and helped my find a solution to access my computer remotely.

I am very happy with the services ComDigiter provides to by business and will recommend them to anyone."

- Ken (Royal Auto Repair and Service - Pasadena, MD)

"ComDigiter cleaned my computer of viruses and fine-tuned it so that it now runs faster. I was going to buy a new computer. The tech asked me why I wanted to get a new computer and after talking with him, I was told that I didn't need to buy a new computer for what my usage was for but recommended a computer if I still wanted to buy a new one. He also explained to me where the source of my viruses came from and configured my computer with added securities to minimize future infections. My computer has been running great since it was fixed."

- Steve (Dundalk, MD)

"Dana has been servicing my computer for the past 6 years. I am very pleased with his services and will recommend him to everyone."

- Angie (Edgewood, MD)

"Dana is my go to computer tech for my business as well as personal. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Every time I have needed his assistance he was quick to resolve any and all issues. He understands how important it is to stay connected."

- Teresa, (Nottingham, MD)

"Great experience. Dana was very patient while thoroughly explaining problem and solution. I will definitely use this company again."

- Dawn (Forest Hill, MD)