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Low Voltage Cable Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

messy wiring

Closet a Wiring Mess

Doe you need better organization of you cabling in your wiring closet? Is your closet a cabling mess? We specialize in cable management, labeling, and organization.

Terminate Cable Ends and Jacks

Cable Terminations

Need cables at your wall jacks repaired? Do you need your cable traced or toned? Call on us for all your cabling needs.

install network equipment

New computer, Network, and Phone Equipment

Do you need a complete network setup and cabled or need another device installed, such as a new computer, or IP Phone? We can install your complete network, or upgrade your network to install new devices. 

Data and Telecommunication Cabling

Cable installation is more involved than simply running cable from one location to another. There are local and state regulations, along with industry standards the must be followed. Knowing the correct cable to install along with the fire rating of the cable is essential to ensure smooth operations and safety of the equipment being connected.

As a business, you want to keep your environment safe of hazards, seen and unseen. When pulling cable through a ceiling, if the cable is not properly elevated, and is just laying on the ceiling, the weight of many cables could cause the ceiling to collapse. In many ceilings, open ventilation, air ducts, and other factors could play in the type of fire rating the cable should have.

Signal integrity is also important to ensure data transmission. Too much noise in the line can slow down, or interrupt, internet and network speeds and reliability. Running cable in parallel to close to power cables, lighting, and other electrically charged cables or devices can cause electrostatic interference thus effecting the integrity of the data.

Some network equipment Voice over IP phones require additional power requirements the cable can handle and distribute the power effectively. Knowing the type of cable that should be used, and the rating is essential to ensure everything works properly. Can you use Cat 5e or do you need Cat 6? Many companies want the latest and greatest, which can significantly add costs when they may not need to pay that added expense.

Let COMDIGITER, Inc solve your cabling needs. With COMDIGITER, Inc you can feel confident that your cable will be installed, terminated, patched, and tested to industry standards and meeting local and state regulations. You can feel confident that any computer device or phone that you plug into the jack will operate properly.

Cabling services we provide include:

New Cable installations

  • Single run
  • Multi-run
  • New full cable runs.

Cable Repair

  • Re-terminations
  • Wall Jack Replacements
  • Cable Replacements and moves
  • Cable Extensions

If you would like to discuss our services in more detail, or if you have any questions, please contact us and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.