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Network and Cloud Computing Specialists

When you're ready set up a computer network or prepare for cloud-based storage, let COMDIGITER, Inc. in Joppa, Maryland, do it for you. We'll set you up in no time and provide service when you need it.

Network and Cloud Services

Let us answer your questions and help establish your network. There are many things to consider and we'd love to walk your through them. Let us define some terms for you:

  • Bandwidth - This determines the number of devices you may use and the speed at which they communicate with each other.
  • Network Speed - This is available in 10 MB, 100 MB, and 1 GB. A speed of 10 MB is not common in new networks but may still exist with some legacy systems.
  • Hardware - We help you determine what hardware is needed. Other than the modem, router, and switch/hub; will you need to be a server for everyone to log into? What about a network access storage (NAS) device instead of a server? Let us help you choose.

  • Cloud Computing - Refers to performing tasks, functions, or services through the cloud. Many users today use the cloud to store photos, videos, documents, and other information. The cloud is basically storing information on the internet, or using the internet to provide hardware and software solutions for your business. 
  • Security - Security is important for Internet, intranet, and extranet security protocols. Security is also crucial for internal users of a private network.
  • Backups - Backups are necessary because no one wants to lose their data and information.
  • Subnetting - This refers to the division of a network into sub networks.

  • Memory and Drive Space - A computer's memory is not the same of the amount of drive space you have on your computer. All you files, data, and programs are stored on the hard drive and uses drive space. The memory is used to hold information for programs that need to use that information. The processor will find information stored on the hard drive, store what a program needs in memory so the app can access it quickly, then clears the memory when that information is no longer needed. 

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Cloud Computing

We would love to consult with you about network requirements. Perhaps cloud-based storage would work best for your company. Personal identifiable information like names, addresses, social security numbers, insurance information, and bank information is not typically kept in a cloud server. Our team will help you determine your best approach using today's best practices. Please contact us for more information.

Home Services

Let COMDIGITER, Inc. help with your home computer needs. Do you need a new computer or does your existing home computer work extremely slowly, taking forever to log in? Let us help with things like:

  • Viruses
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Wireless Connection
  • Software Installations
  • Bluescreens Or System Crashes

Your home computer may require more extensive work. We professionally handle more complex jobs including:

  • Virus and Malware Removals
  • Hardware Installations
  • Hardware Repairs
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Software Configurations
  • OS Upgrades/Downgrades
  • Data Backup and Migrations
  • Wireless and Wired Networking
  • Printers and Peripherals
  • Data Wiring